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Our store concept: Bread like Before

You want your own bakery department in your store? We make it possible with our store concept: Bread like Before.

We can provide your company with the very best bread in the world, but also with associated lay-out of the store to make a total concept. We can, for example, provide packaging materials, price tags, shelf tags, flyers, bread baskets, banners, pavement advertising and more.

The benefits
Total bake-off concept

The benefits of Bread the way it used to be

100% natural sourdough bread, unique quality and taste

Attractive value for money

Always tasty, airy and fresh loaves of bread

Always properly browned

Fast and easy bake off (10 minutes)

Large deliveries (due to innovative production process)

Optimal coaching of concept (packaging, promotion, instruction)

From freezer to shelf within 15 minutes

Crispy, even for 8 hours

More sales, less waste

Flexibility in bake off makes sale increase

Total bake-off concept

Pandriks is ‘The best in Bake Off’. The way we prepare our loaves is unique and innovative, but still authentic. We’re proud of that and are happy to share it! Will you partner with us?

We offer a total concept for the bakery department in your store. We not only provide delicious bread, but we also accommodate the perfect instore ambiance, a comprehensive instruction for your staff and packaging materials that align with your company (private label).

Tasty, fresh loaves of bread for your customers and a fitting atmosphere in your store.

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